Ice Climbing in the Catskills

the untreated side of the shirt smelled as if I was smuggling an Italian hoagie with extra onions under my armpit.

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submitted by: Cory Schnaufer
April 13th, 2010
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how is odor an issue for you?

I don't want to stink. But I also don't want to take it easy. I push myself physically as often as I can, and it doesn't often happen in a gym with a convenient post-workout shower. Whether I'm out hiking, climbing at the gym, riding mountain bike trails or just trying to outdo myself in a personal pull-up contest, sometimes I'm out in public before I get the chance to change or shower up. Sometimes the odor of testosterone fueled exertion is the musk that I'm going for, but other times I'd like to keep it masked. Different materials definitely have varying tendencies to create and carry stink, and I wanted to see what Agion could do for me.

do you have any funny odor stories from your past?

Well, there was that time where I just had to go for a run on a REALLY hot day before a graduate class. My only option to de-stink was to strip down my top half in the bathroom prior to class to engage in some sink showering.

how did you test the shirt?

I signed up for an introductory ice climbing course in the Catskills region and wore my Agion Active test shirt. With the temperature just above freezing after a long spell of well below freezing temps, a hike into Kaaterskill falls through knee deep snow made me begin to sweat. And climbing a frozen waterfall for the first time ever made me work hard and get the nerves going. Needless to say, my baselayers and t-shirt were wet and dried many times throughout the day as I hiked, rested, climbed, belayed, rested, etc.

how did the shirt perform?

The odor control was absolutely noticeable, as the untreated side of the shirt smelled as if I was smuggling an Italian hoagie with extra onions under my armpit. The treated side had no stink whatsoever and had me feeling as if half of me could go out after the adventurous day to a crowded joint for a post-adventure meal and beverage. The other, stinky, half of me would have to stay back in the car!

What other products would you like to see Agion Active in?

I'd like to see odor control in base layers, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, primarily. Being closest to the skin, these are the garments most typically carrying and creating the stinkiness.

other content:

I also used this shirt on hikes to the Pinnacle in Berks county PA and under my Karate uniform during grueling, cardio heavy sweat-fests. The Agion Active odor control worked consistently to ward off any stink that may have arisen.